self7CLO Software is owned and operated by Chris Oklota. My business, hobby, and passion is all about developing really cool applications for the latest smart phones. I have been amazed by the recent impact that devices such as the iPhone are having on our lives, and am happy to be working on projects that deliver this experience to my users and clients in new and exciting ways.

At CLO Software, we specialize in highly polished mobile applications, and the web services that support them. We have been in the iPhone developer program from the very first beta stage, and have 10 years experience working in mobile development environments. Take a look at the iPhone apps we have created for the iTunes App Store. In addition to the iPhone, we also develop and support applications for the Android, J2ME, and Blackberry environments.

We are happy to offer contract and consulting services for companies looking to leverage our mobile development expertise, including contracts for iPhone app development.

For all business inquiries, please contact us at