Beer Pong U brings the excitement of beer pong (also called beirut) to the iPhone and iPod Touch platform! 

For less than the cost of a domestic beer at the bar you can play beer pong on the go. 

Play solo against the clock or against the computer, or bet drinks at the bar against a friend in two player mode!



Beer Pong U Features:

  • Accelerometer-based aiming and throwing
  • Touch-based camera manipulation
  • Authentic sound effects and party background effects
  • Real-time physics engine provides realistic ball dynamics
  • Choose between Lob, Fastball and Bounce throw styles to fit your beer pong style
  • Cup re-rack support: players can choose to re-rack the cups once per game
  • In-game how to play documentation

Beer Pong U Game Modes:

  • One player mode is a race against the clock with one simple goal: clear the table of cups in the fastest time.  The top five times with player names are saved.  Very addictive beat the clock game play!  Remember that re-racks cost precious time!
  • Two player mode brings traditional beer pong team vs team to the mobile platform.  Make the same cup twice in a row to get the balls back for another set of throws!  Play beer pong at a party or at the bar when setting up the table and the cups isn’t possible.  Loser buys the next round!