gps-largeWhy pay for multiple apps to get all of the most commonly used GPS utilities on your iPhone? With GPS All-In-One, get a GPS compass, altimeter, trip tracker, current location, maps, and speedometer all in one convenient app!

It’s the easiest way to turn your iPhone into a true GPS utility for any road trip, hike, climb, bike ride, or wherever else you travel with your phone.

Apps included in this all-in-one bundle:

  • Compass
  • Speedometer
  • Altimeter
  • Maps
  • GPS update info, including coordinates, altitude, accuracy, and speed
  • Trip tracking, including elapsed time, distance traveled, average and max speed
  • Trip track and current location Map views

Please note, this app is made to work with the GPS capabilities of the 3G and 3GS iPhones. It will work on older iPhone models, but the accuracy will not be that great, and some information will not be available. iPod Touch is not supported.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the app report that info is not available?
This happens when the app cannot get a GPS signal. If you don’t have a 3G or 3GS iPhone, and you are not outside, chances are that you do not have a GPS signal. Go someplace with a direct line of sight to the sky, make sure you have a phone with GPS hardware in it, and try again.

OK, the altimeter starting working, but the compass and speedometer aren’t working, what gives?
To provide this data, the phone needs to be moving. The reason is that these values are computed based on multiple GPS readings. When multiple locations are examined, the app can compute which direction you are heading in, and how fast.

Why don’t you support metric units?
The app does support alternate displays of all data. Simply touch any screen to get an alternate display. For example, the altimeter displays data in feet, but tap the screen and it switches to meters.

This app really kills my battery!
GPS tracking apps definitely put your battery to the test, think about it, the phone is tracking your movements via a GPS connection in addition to your phone’s voice and data signal. In the next version of the app, you will be able to tweak the GPS settings a bit to trade accuracy for battery life, so stay tuned.

As an all-in-one app, I expected to be able to [fill in the blank with your favorite missing feature].
Send me an email and let me know what you’d like to see included in the next version, I’ll do my best to add it.