Traffic Australia 2009 is no longer for sale! Since the app will stop working at the end of the year, we want to ensure users get at least 3 months of service.

Traffic Australia 2010 is COMING SOON!

Convenient traffic monitoring right on your iPhone, now available in Australia!

Based on your current location, or any other location you configure, Traffic Australia will retrieve the current traffic conditions in the area and display them on a map or in a customized listing. Easily switch back and forth between map view and list view to monitor all of the traffic around you.

Traffic information is available in the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane areas.

Traffic Australia is powered by the SUNA Traffic Channel. By using Traffic Australia you agree to the SUNA Terms of Use, available at:

Traffic Australia provides users with live traffic feed data through the end of the year listed in the version number. For example, Traffic AU version 2009.3 will work through the end of 2009.

Features include:

  • Custom location entry, or let Traffic Australia figure it out for you based on your current location.
  • At a glance Map View of traffic in your area. See all traffic incidents around you directly on a map. Select individual events to get all of the details.
  • At a glance List View of traffic in your area, including a summary, an icon that conveys the type of incident, it’s proximity to your current location, and the time the traffic was reported.
  • Detailed traffic view allows you to see full traffic description, proximity, and update times. You can also show the traffic on a map directly in the application, so you know exactly where the traffic incident is located.
  • Fully configurable display options. Choose to sort traffic based on severity, proximity, or report time.
  • You choose how severe and how close the traffic must be in order to be shown in the application.
  • Option to filter out construction and congestion items from the traffic display.

Traffic Australia makes location-based traffic monitoring simple and convenient.