If only you’d known before you left that your commute was a mess, you could have avoided that traffic jam…

If only you could see that a major accident was stopping traffic, you probably would have taken a different way home…

If too much of your time is wasted in traffic, then this is the app for you!

Traffic View is simply the best way to take a look at traffic before you step into your car. You get access to over 7,000 traffic cameras to keep you informed about what’s happening on the roadways right now, nationwide. Bookmark your favorites, search for an intersection, see camera locations on a map, and email the latest traffic snapshots to your friends, all from within the app.

Powered by TrafficLand, the cameras in this app provide users with still image snapshots of live traffic conditions in over 100 cities, and more cities are added all the time! For users who want to see live moving traffic, there is an upgrade available within the app to enable fast-updating video (a frame every 2-5 seconds) in over 3,400 of the cameras.

This application currently supports many of the biggest cities in the USA, including: NYC, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, Phoenix, Seattle, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Denver, Portland, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Sacramento, Orlando, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Columbus, Indianapolis, Virginia Beach, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Nashville, Jacksonville, Memphis, Louisville, and many, many more….over 100 cities in total!

For a complete list of supported cities in the USA, please visit www.trafficland.com/sitemap.jsp

This app provides users with access to these traffic cameras through the end 2011.